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Professional Consulting Service

Specialized consulting team of Aromasoft provides solutions that meet requirements of
customers’ business and provides technological consulting services through verified methods.

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mTea is a mobile Java platform which meets Java ME standards defined by JCP (Java Community
Process) that is in charge of standards of Java license, and is verified product that has been
selected and installed on major global mobile communication companies and manufacturers.

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Android Applications

Various types of applications that are operable on Android platform terminals have been
developed for provision.
There are more than 30 widgets and applications such as home, gallay, mail, etc. whose
developments have been completed, and they can be provided in forms which are suitable for
customers’ requirements.

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The Global Market

Applications Widgets
  • Widgets developed within Android structure
  • Effects not possible by basic structure can be provided on the widgets
  • Complex forms of widgets providing various information simultaneously

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